Tiago Durão was born in December of 1991 in Almada, Portugal.

He studied at Escola Profissional De Teatro de Cascais, under the direction of Mr. Carlos Avilez, where he took their 3-year conservatory program for actors.

In 2009, Tiago Durão founded Art Theatre Ensemble, a theatre company in Lisbon, Portugal, and there he spent 6 years as the Artistic Director, directing, producing or playing in some of the most important plays of all times, originally written by the prestigious Heiner Muller, William Shakespeare, Edward Albee, George Büchner, Molière, and others.

As filmmaker, Tiago Durão has directed two full-length films, four short-films, and a trilogy.

He was also a collaborator in several international artistic projects in London, Lisbon, New York and others.

In April of 2016, Tiago Durão moved to New York City, were is currently studying and doing some artistic work and research.