Entre Nós

Between Us presents us a divorced young couple, Leonardo and Mercedes, and their violent, chaotic and intense relationship. Inspired in the iconic play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, by Edward Albee, Between Us reveals how these two characters deal with each other with their wicked minds.

Director Tiago Durão Cast Ana Valentim and Tiago Durão Screenplay Writers André Tavares, Antonio Rodrigues and Tiago Durão Opening Script Filipa Eça Fonseca Executive Production  André Tavares and Catarina Pinto Cinematography  João Gabodes Technical Direction Tiago Gonçalves Sound Direction Paulo Soares Edition Filipa Gambino Camera’s Guilherme Alves and Ana Santos Acting Direction  Sofia Santos Silva Wardrobe and Make Up  Carolina Palma Photography  Raquel De Sousa Lopes Storyboard  Sandro Baptista Assistants João Liquito and  João Tavares Association with  LUMA VISUAL EXPERIENCE Oficial Partner ETIC  Sponsored By EUREKA SHOES, SHARISH GIN and MR.BOHO