Sul Ponticello

Sul Ponticello is a full length feature film, set in Lisbon, about four young friends: Alice, Ana, Camila and Isac.
Ana, Alice’s sister, has multiple sclerosis. Alice was forced to quit college in order to to work and financially support their house and her sister. Isac, a young talented violinist, was kicked out from home by his own father and then decided to move to Lisbon. Camila is a visual arts student who will share her house with Isac.
Those four young lives will cross in one the most beautiful and old cities of Europe.


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Direction Tiago Durão Executive Producer André Tavares and Catarina Pinto Cast Ana Valentim, Mariana Medeiros, Sofia Santos Silva, Bernardo Gavina, Inês Laranjeira Technical Director Tiago Gonçalves 1st Assistant Rui Mendes 2nd assistant Paulo Sousa Cinematography Tiago Durão and João Gabodes Cameras Nuno Fernandes, Rui Mendes, Paulo Sousa, Ruben Almeida Set Assistants Rita Salvado and Alicia Lima Partners Lisbon Film Comission, Camara Municipal de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas artes de Lisboa, CP comboios de Portugal, Associação 25 de Abril.