Utopia Revisited

With a circular and repetitive construction, Utopia Revisited leads the observer to meditate about the absurdity of existence.

In its composition, Utopia Revisited includes many concepts and principles of philosophy, physics and social policy.
About the concept of existence, the following phrase can be found in the film’s script: “To be the Res Cogitans that explains the Divine Res and that finds the obstacle in the Res Extensa”

The reference to Descartes is clear, and we could say that Utopia Revisited may be considered a product of the “solipsism of the present moment”.

With endless possibilities of interpretation, this is an intervention which invites the viewer to think over the philosophical depth of how absurd the existence is.

Direction Tiago Durão Cast Tiago Durão, Joana Dias, Monica Silva, Sandro Baptista, André Tavares, João Tavares, Ricardo Rodrigues Voice Over Tiago Durão ScreenPlay Writer Tiago Durão Cinematography Tiago Durão Executive Production Nuno Fernandes Sound Nuno Fernandes and Tiago Durão Camera Nuno Fernandes